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Australian company owning water

Aware Water owns water entitlements across Australia's Murray Darling Basin, one of the world's most advanced water markets. 

These water entitlements allow the company to provide water to farmers for production across all climatic conditions. 

Deal direct with the water owner

If you require water at the right time and in the right quantity, we have the ability to supply water in volumes ranging from 10ML to 1,000MLs.

Aware Water has a range of products and water trading including:

Water Allocation

Water Entitlement Leasing

Forward Water Agreements

Water Storage

Water Entitlement - Sale and Leaseback

Water Agriculture is our core business.

Company operating for over a decade in the Australian Water Market

Since 2008, Aware Water has been delivering in excess of 250,000MLs water to farmers. 

The company has the ability and range of products to meet water requirements for all water users.  

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Rob Brooks, General Manager, Aware Water Group.

Aware Water Group

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